Akai's MPK Mini Plus Controller Packs In Plenty

US Multi channel control, pads, keys, knobs and CV      20/10/22

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Akai today announced their new MPK Mini Plus - the tiny MIDI controller that adds yet more functionality to the already surprising feature set of the MPK Mini MK3 - I guess MK4 didn' make it through the naming commitee :-)

We did have a MK3 here for a bit and was impressed with the amount of features it packed into the small footprint.

MPK Mini PLus

The MPK Mini Plus adds a few new features:

  • CV/Gate/Mod  outputs - also available as a separate addressable port for use as  CV interface
  • 2 track sequencer with pattern saving 
  • 5-Pin MIDI In and  Out - nice
  • Scales and Chord Modes

Available soon priced at £149 USD price TBC.



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