Steinway Model D Meticulously Sampled

US MeldaProduction releases Meldway Grand for MSoundFactory      18/10/22

MeldaProduction has announced availability of the second so-called premium instrument (or commercial instrument add-on) for its MSoundFactory modular virtual instrument. They say that Meldway Grand is generated from a beautiful Steinway Model D concert grand piano perfectly positioned in the purpose-built sound studio facility of HAMU (the Faculty of Music of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague) where it was captured with multiple high-end microphones. They tell us that it's a meticulously sampled 40 GB virtual instrument that may well be the only software grand piano anyone could conceivably need, thanks to its realistic dynamics and sympathetic resonances, CREATIVE and FX processing pages, plus a track mixer for each microphone source.

Pricing and Availability:

Owners of MSoundFactory Player  -- effectively a free (cut-down) version of MSoundFactory, and available by letting the 15-day trial version of MSoundFactory expire -- can purchase Meldway Grand at an introductory price of only €49.00 EUR until the end of November 2022, rising thereafter to its regular price of €99.00 EUR.

Owners of the top-tier MSoundFactory  -- itself on offer for €149.00 EUR until the end of October 2022, returning thereafter to its regular price of €299.00 EUR -- or MSoundFactory LE with limited customisation options -- itself on offer for €49.00 EUR until the end of October 2022, returning thereafter to its regular price of €99.00 EUR -- can download all available premium instruments (including, of course, Meldway Grand) -- as well as any others that are released in future -- from MeldaProduction for free.

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