Facelifts And Sounds For The Dreadbox Typhon

US Oversynth.com introduces new overlays and a set of 30 patches      18/10/22

Facelifts And Sounds For The Dreadbox Typhon

Oversynth.com has released a series of overlays and a new sound pack for the Dreadbox Typhon desktop synthesizer. Here's the details in their own words...

All of the overlay designs feature high contrast graphics and large readable fonts for easier viewing in low light, as well as top panel labeling for the rear cable connections.  The overlays are printed on a highly durable and waterproof polymer material (not vinyl, fiber, or plant-based).  The low-gloss finish is designed to minimize reflections from ambient light for maximum readability.

To install the overlay, simply remove all knobs from the front panel of your Typhon Desktop synthesizer.  You will need a small flat-head screwdriver to remove the tiny set-screw on the side of each knob.  Then, remove the backing from the adhesive tabs on the underside of the overlay, and place the overlay over the front panel of your synthesizer and press it down around the edges.  Once the overlay is in place, re-attach the knobs.  The removable adhesive provided is low-tack to allow for repositioning or easy removal of the overlay without harming the original artwork on your synthesizer.

The new sound pack, titled, "Oblinear Sequences" is a collection of 30 generative ambient / dark ambient / SciFi sequenced patches for your Dreadbox Typhon synthesizer.  This sound pack will help you unlock sonic textures from your Typhon that you might expect to hear from an expensive modular setup, or a boutique high-end hardware synthesizer.  All this is made possible by careful programming of the Typhon's deep synthesis and sequencing parameters.  You can play these patches as-is, or use them as a starting point for your own creations.  Simply adjust the Typhon's front panel controls while the sequences are playing, or adjust any of the patch's parameters to explore whole new tonal landscapes.  You can also connect an external MIDI keyboard to transpose the sequence playback in realtime.

Each patch includes a probabilistic and/or tempo-modulated sequence to showcases how the patch was originally imagined to be played.  The patches make heavy use of the Typhon's unique capabilities including note probability, FM synthesis, modulation of tempo, time division, FX, and much more.

Oversynth.com produces front panel overlays and sound packs for a variety of popular synthesizers from manufacturers such as Moog, Korg, Dreadbox, Elektron, Synthstrom (Deluge), Behringer, Teenage Engineering, and many others. Oversynth's overlays are manufactured in small batches based on customer demand.  The overlays are manufactured in Portland, OR USA and ship worldwide.

Pricing and Availability:
The overlays are priced at $27 US dollars, and the sound pack is $9 US dollars.

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