1st Look: Arturia MiniFreak - Up To 12 Voices, FX and More

US 2 oscillators, 2 LFOs 3x FX, Sequencer, macros      18/10/22

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Today's the day for the big Arturia announcements - and the one we have most experience of is the new MiniFreak which is an expanded MicroFreak - (the Algorithmic Synthesizer with multiple oscillator types).

The MiniFreak doubles up the Oscillators to two - with 20 oscillator types on board,  keeps the multi-mode analog filter and adds 3, quality, digital FX. It also has a physical 37 key keybed (short travel) with aftertouch. There's two control strips which can do pitch/mod or macro 1/2,  each with four destinations or a sequencer/gate control for the on board sequencer.

It also comes with a free VST version MiniFreak V

We fully confess that we didn't get the time to do the full review in time for this deadline, but first impressions are pretty positive. 

If you have any questions for the full review, please leave them in the comments.

MiniFreak is priced at €599/$599/£559 inv VAT



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