Klavis Releases Two Bits Module

US Dual logic processor with chaining and CV functions      17/10/22

Klavis Releases Two Bits Module

Seen earlier this year at Superbooth, the Two Bits module from Klavis is now available. This is what they have to say about it...

Why another logic module in the Klavis range?
The long time available Logic XT was thought as a complementary module for logic lovers who had already the basic features covered with  modules they own. The new Two Bits is dedicated to a wider audience. To start, it offers two sections which gives more flexibility for the buck and space. Beyond that, these sections can be chained to achieve functions with more than two inputs, an finally it offers functions with real time CV control.

Klavis - Two Bits
Two dual-input sections can be used independently, put in parallel for 4-input wide logic, or chained for more advanced processing.
Each section presents normal and inverted outputs.
The two sections offer a set of common and specific functions for a total 15 different ones.
Several functions offer real-time CV control for dynamic changes of the conditions.
All time-related functions can be independently user-adjusted and are saved automatically.
LEDs tell permanently the actual status of all outputs.

  • Two dual-input logic processors
  • 15 different functions
  • Simultaneously available normal and inverted outputs
  • LEDs on all outputs
  • Chaining can be activated and inverted by a dedicated button with LEDs
  • Chaining does not waste any input or output; an additional virtual input is created in the second section
  • Functions with duration, voltage, percentage, and ratio are user editable.
  • User settings are stored automatically
  • Random pass, voltage comparator, clock mult/div and delay line functions allow CV control
  • White LEDs next to the pots confirm the matching of knob position and function
  • The outputs can be Ored by simple shorting in a multiple
  • Firmware upgradeable by playing an audio file
  • Low consumption, skiff-friendly & compact module
  • Complements Klavis' Logica XT with a varied feature set


Two Bits - Specifications

  • 5hp width
  • 21mm/0.83' behind panel
  • 31mA +12V
  • 1mA -12V
  • 0mA 5V

Pricing and Availability:
MSRP: 139€ / $149

More information:


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