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US Swords to Ploughshares is based on sounds from the invasion of Ukraine      14/10/22

Soundiron tells us that Swords to Ploughshares is a new experimental virtual instrument for Kontakt Player and the NKS platform that weaves real-world field recordings and expressive sound design, forged together into a unified creative toolbox. The sounds in this library were created by Ukrainian sound designer and video producer Maks Histibe in Kyiv, during the invasion of Ukraine in the spring of 2022. Here's the details in the company's own words...

This is not a Hollywood-style war sfx collection, or a traditional instrument or sound library. The explosions and air raid sirens are real. Their stark brutality is blunt and cold, not spectacular and thrilling. Until you hear the rumble of artillery creeping closer, many of the environments may even sound fairly typical for an ordinary European city. For awhile, life tries to continue in an almost mundane fashion. People still go to work and the birds keep singing. Until suddenly they don't.

The sound-designed content follows Histibe's journey through all of it, shaping the raw sounds into musical elements and textures. He experimented at night, manipulating his field recordings and shortwave broadcasts from a emergency radio. The resulting ambient synth pads, tonal textures, atmospheres and effects are hauntingly musical. The raw kinetic noise has been transmuted into playable melodic and percussive instruments, creating a complete tonal palette for songwriting.

And as always, our modular user interface for Kontakt gives you full control to shape, blend and customize the sounds in your own way. Soundiron receives no money from the sale of this product. Maks is an outstanding multimedia artist, colleague and friend and we support his creative efforts.
This library is built for the Kontakt Player (6.2 and later) and Native Instruments' NKS platform. We've also included uncompressed wavs and open-source SFZ presets that can be used in any SFZ-compatible software, sampler or plugin.

Pricing and Availability:
On sale until  November 10th for $47 (MSRP $59)

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