Solution For Recording & Livestreaming DJ Sets

US Howler launches on Kickstarter      11/10/22

Solution For Recording & Livestreaming DJ Sets

Howler Audio has announced its first product: Howler, a DJ-set recorder and live streamer in 1. Tim and Jim from Howler Audio, told us, "We want to capture our music in all kinds of situations. At home practicing, on stage performing live, or directly to fans all around the world. That's why we've made Howler, a recording and live streaming standalone device that can capture & share sound in the way you want to." Here's more details in their own words...

DJs like to share their musical efforts to the world, though setting up ahead of a gig can be a hectic process involving re-routing equipment at a tight schedule. Having reliable plug-and-play equipment is of utmost importance at this point. Howler aims to solve these issues related to capturing and sharing DJ-sets. Howler's features include high quality fail-safe recording, a hassle-free way of getting your recording online and setting up DJ-set livestreams with your phone.

In its recording mode, with one push on the button, Howler records audio from any source onto a swappable micro SD-card in wav or mp3. After recording connect Howler to any device over USB-C, like your phone, to listen back and share the recording to the platform of your preference. No extra app needed.

In live streaming mode Howler provides high-quality audio to a phone (supports both Android and iOS), or any other device, to create a quick and easy but effective mobile livestream. With this feature, Howler enables DJs to setup livestreams straight from their phones with their favourite livestream app (i.e. Instagram or Twitch).

No available power socket? Record up to 30 hours on its rechargeable integrated battery.
No recording output on the mixer? Howler has a pass-through output to connect in-between the mixer and speakers/amplifier.

Pricing and Availability:
Howler will be available for €99-€139 EUR through crowdfunding on Kickstarter. The campaign starts today, 11th October, and lasts until 11th November.

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