Bitwig Respond To Spectral Suite Fumble, Refunds Available

US Users weren't pleased, they respond      11/10/22

Bitwig just announced that their new Add-On to the Bitwig Studio - The Spectral Suite - which was a paid add-on, has now been included in the regular Bitwig Upgrade Plan. Users were not pleased when they discovered the nifty new suite of spectral processing devices was to be an additional cost, not as part of their upgrade plan.

To their credit, although it has taken a little while, Bitwig have reacted and now the Spectral Suite is now included free in your existing Update Plan as part of Btiwig Studio 4.4.
They released this statement:

We've had time to reflect on last week's Spectral Suite announcement and the responses from our community. We apologize for how we handled this and want to make this right.

Spectral Suite is now part of Bitwig Studio 4.4, which has an official release date of October 5, 2022. Anyone with a current Upgrade Plan now owns Bitwig Studio 4.4 and the four Spectral Suite devices. We will contact everyone who purchased Spectral Suite to offer a choice of a refund or an extension of their Upgrade Plan.

Moving forward, all of our Bitwig Studio feature development, including devices, will be covered by the 12-month Upgrade Plan.

Your support of Bitwig Studio (and us) means more than we can say. Thank you.

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