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US Reveal your inner Roger Troutman with Blezz Beats' HumBox      07/10/22

Blezz Beats from Stockholm, Sweden has released a plugin called HumBox, designed to bring the sound of the talkbox to the world. It's available for both PC and Mac VST2/3 and AU.  Here's the story in Blezz Beats' own words...

Many plugins have attempted to emulate the talkbox sound by processing audio in a similar way that vocoders do. But let's be frank - it just doesn't sound right. HumBox is a sample-based plugin designed to spice up your productions with the authentic feeling innovated by Roger Troutman  that has since spread out through the west coast to the whole world.

HumBox doesn't shape your words but rather hums along to your music with different recorded articulations. You can make it sing "nanana"-phrases like "Doo", "Yeah", "No", and "Baby" and add layers of whopping funkafying to your tracks.

To give you some instant gratification there are also some built-in FX on the HumBox panel:

  • Reverb: Add some ambiance to your sound and create interesting atmospheres with the Freeze button.
  • Tremolo: A BPM-timed tremolo to get a stuttering or flailing effect, great for chords.
  • Chorus: Widen the sound instantly with the Chorus button.
  • Bitcrusher: Crunch it up at the flick of a switch and get that Robot Rock vibe.


So how does a talkbox work?
A talkbox feeds a synth signal (usually a sawtooth wave) through an amplifier and compresses the actual physical sound through a tube, which is inserted in the player's mouth. The synth sound is actually transferred into the mouth and then shaped by the player and recorded by a microphone.

Pricing and Availability:
Early bird campaign: Use "HUMALONG" for 50% off

More information:






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