Cinematic Sci-Fi Instrument

US ALIENIZE uses mouse gestures to create underscores, melodies, and textures      06/10/22

Sampleson tells us that they have released their first Cinematic VST - ALIENIZE. They say that it uses the Mouse gestures to help artists synchronize over the action, is built upon Granular, Wavetable and traditional subtractive synthesis and is based on Alien and Sci-Fi sounds. Here's more details in their own words...

ALIENIZE is a new way to create underscores, melodies, and textures. Create evolving atmospheres for passages or accent moments with your mouse (or your MIDI controller).

From exotic atmospheres to rhythmic textures or evolving melodies and arpeggios. You'll be able to play them live and synchronize them with on-screen action on the go.

ALIENIZE uses the mouse position over the screen to create and modulate sounds on the go, and also to publish it as an Automatable Parameter in your DAW. You can also choose to assign this parameter to a CC to operate it from your controller.

ALIENIZE has 41 sound modules. Ever yone of them has his gesture behavior (i.e. Theremin pitch is controlled by left-right cursor position). You will be able to play gestures over a movie to sync on the go.

Pricing and Availability:
On offer at $39 (Regular price: $59)

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