New Osmose Sound Design Video Shows Progress

US Looks like we're getting close      30/09/22

You have to feel for the folks at Expressive E. They announce one of the most innovative new synthesizer products for ages, get a load of interest and pre-sales, then a series of global events conspire to prevent them from completing their task. Not to mention that due to world shortages, the price of components must have sky rocketted. But it seems that although things have been quiet for  while, work is still on-going.

In this latest  Osmose sound design work in progress video #5 video, you can see and hear how expressive the instrument is. Just a couple of keys pressed in the initial clip and there's a lot of movement and expression - sounds a lot like a soundtrack to the Scandi Noir crime thriller The Bridge.... 

Great playing from Arthur Bouflet. 

For those that are unaware, the Osmose uses extremely high resolution custom keyboard control - on velocity, X/Y movement, release velocity, pressure depth and speed  AKA (Augmented Keyboard Action)  to drive the in built Eagan Matrix instrument  to create some extremely compelling sounds.

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