Steinberg's Second Materials HALion Instrument

US Materials: Wood & Water is now available      23/09/22

Steinberg has announced the immediate availability of Materials: Wood & Water, the second instrument of their Materials series for HALion. Here's the story in their own words...

Materials: Wood & Water features eleven extended playing techniques by an 18-piece string ensemble and other wooden instruments like piano, marimba and guitar played in various ways, as well as also included synthesizer textures, and different types of wood and water sound effects. All told, Materials: Wood & Water comes with 6 GB of content that will be sure to unlock the creativity of every user.

Resulting from the collaboration between Steinberg and Magnetic 96 who specialize on sampling and processing unusual sound sources, Materials: Wood & Water is a HALion instrument that also runs in HALion Sonic SE, a free VST and AU version available for virtually any DAW.

"As our palettes of sonic exploration grow ever wider, our methods of performance have to adapt. Materials: Wood & Water provides an instrument for this type of performance, combining aspects of sound design with real-time performance and customization options. It's beautifully sourced and will make you want to write some music," says composer Paul Haslinger.

Key features
• 6 GB HALion instrument with strings, wood instruments, synths and FX
• 11 extended playing techniques by an 18-piece string ensemble
• 4-layer sound engine with multi-samples, wavetable and granular
• More than 170 cinematic presets designed by Magnetic 96

Pricing and Availability:
Materials: Wood & Water is exclusively available through the Steinberg Online Shop for 129.99 euros or 129.99 US dollars. Please note that an introductory offer of 99.99 euros or 99.99 US dollars is available from September 22 until October 17, 2022.

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