The First DJ On The BBC

US Christopher Stone mashing it up in 1932      20/09/22

Anyone can DJ nowadays; with access to beat matching software, a world of tracks and music playlists on most devices. Back in 1932 it wasn't so easy - and one man was lucky enough to be crowned the mantle of first ever BBC Disc Jockey. Christopher Stone had a weekly slot from 1932 -  an avid record collector, he was also editor of The Gramophone magazine, founded by his brother-in-law, Compton Mackenzie. Like many a DJ who came after him, he did court controversy now and again;

CHRISTOPHER REYNOLDS STONE (1882 - 1965), a conservative upper middle class British gent with an easy, intellectual microphone manner, was the first person worthy of being called a "disc jockey" on the BBC. After his first broadcast of gramophone records and commentary on the London station in 1924, it took some time for the BBC to accept any type of recorded programming. 

"In 1934 Stone joined the commercial station Radio Luxembourg (for 5,000 pounds a year) and was barred by the BBC in consequence. He wrote a column reviewing new popular records for the Sunday Referee newspaper and appeared in advertisements for Bush radio sets. In 1937, as "Uncle Chris", he presented the first daily children's programme on commercial radio, Kiddies Quarter Hour on Radio Lyons. Stone later rejoined the BBC and caused a major row in 1941. On 11 November he wished King Victor Emmanuel of Italy a happy birthday on air, adding "I don't think any of us wish him anything but good, poor soul." This good wish towards the head of a state Britain was at war with at the time led to the sacking of the BBC's Senior Controller of Programmes and tighter government control over all broadcasts.


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