Softube Console 1 And Logic Pro Update

US Mixing system now works as a control surface in the Apple DAW      20/09/22

Softube Console 1 And Logic Pro Update

Softube tells us that their Console 1 Mixing System seamlessly integrates with Apple Logic Pro. They say that, now, producers using Logic can enhance their mixing workflow like never before.

In addition to the ability to control their favorite channel strips with Console 1, users can now select tracks, navigate quickly through their projects, and control the DAW volume, pan, sends, solo, and mute within Logic Pro from Console 1 Fader.

A spokesperson told us, "Console 1 Mixing System gives producers the power of Logic Pro with Softube-quality sound and workflow."

Here's more details direct from Softube...

 Console 1 Mixing System
Console 1 Mixing System is the original plug-in controller. It features authentic console sounds from legendary brands like Chandler Limited, SSL, Weiss, Empirical Labs, and Summit Audio. Plus, knob-per-function control over EQ, compression, and so much more.

Expandable and fully customizable with plug-ins, channel strips, and the Console 1 Fader hardware unit, the award-winning Console 1 Mixing System has revolutionized mixing in the modern studio. It gives users the freedom of software and the feeling of hardware.

In short:

  • NEW: Logic Pro control surface support for Console 1 Mixing System
  • Improved workflow for Logic Pro users
  • Control Logic Pro's volume, pan, solo, mute, sends, track selection and more from the Console 1 Mixing System
  • Control Softube sections like shape, EQ, comp, and drive from Console 1

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