Mercuriall Releases Rectofire For Ampbox

US Based on the MESA/Boogie Dual Rectifier Blackface, rev G from the 90s      16/09/22

Mercuriall  Releases Rectofire For Ampbox

Mercuriall Audio has released Rectofire, an add-on for Ampbox. They tell us that Rectofire is a VST/AU/AAX/Standalone plugin based on the MESA/Boogie® Dual Rectifier® Blackface, rev G from the 90s. Complete with a popular 1 meg gain pot mod, optional for each channel. Mercuriall tells us that along with the Rectofire release, the Ampbox platform is updated to version 1.1 with new exclusive IRs from Max Morton (Jinjer, Shokran, Morton). This is a free platform update for all users of Ampbox. Rectofire amp is a separate paid module.

Here's more details directly from the company...

Rectofire highlights:

  • Accurate and detailed white-box modeling Mercuriall Audio is known for.
  • Introduction of Neural Hybrid Engine 2.0 in Rectofire. Further improvements of the modeling engine.
  • Introduction of Power Link technology in Rectofire. Affects the power supply linkage between preamp and poweramp. Improves palm mutes and note attack definition.
  • Each channel has an optional 1 meg gain pot mod. More tightness, gain and bite.
  • 46 presets from our artists and friends to cover even the most bizarre tones.

Rectofire Pricing:
$89.99 USD for new customers
$69.99 USD for returning customers
For three days after Rectofire release: $69.99 USD fixed price for everyone

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