Korg Drumlogue - Analogue + Digital Drums

US The new Logue has finally arrived      15/09/22

Korg's latest release is the new Drumlogue - originally teased earlier in the year, its  a hybrid machine with analogue, digital and sample based voices. 

It has 11 voices with analog kick, snare and hi and lo toms, with a pretty deep digital engine  and an as yet unconfirmed sample capability. 

As with the other 'logues, there's an SDK for the digital engine User Slot so we can expect some third party extensions to the engine and possibly even synth engines. There's a Sinevibes two oscillator synth voice loaded as shipped. And as with the Minilogue XD and NTS-1 there are digital effects algorithms on board. With two send and one Master insert.

Drumlogue will be available towards the end of the year at an expected retail price of around £600, 





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