Sonic TALK 726 - FN Meka AI, Syn-Ket Rarity, Chantlings

US With Hainbach, Jamie Lidell and Mr Wiggly - viewer questions too      01/09/22

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81:10 mins


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 00:00:14 SHOW START
00:08:51 PWM Malevolent
00:09:09 AI Rap Act Signed and Dropped
00:21:32 AD: Baby Audio - Save 15% With ST15 Code
00:22:48 Syn-Ket - Unicorn of a Synth
00:37:26 AD: iZotope Music Producers Club
00:39:01 Chantlings Are Cute
00:50:20 Wagoo asks via - [irc] - QQ for HAINBACH: What's it like having snooker legend Steve Davis as one of your biggest fans? Would you like to collaborate with him one day on something? Cheers
00:51:57 Mental Frizbee asks via - [youtube] - @sonicstate QQ Can anyone recommend a good cable labeling solution to stick on the ends of cables in the studio?
00:58:51 @Manchichi Head asks via - [youtube] - QQ - As the new Roland UK store couldn't help me to initialise a patch on their Juno X this week,my question is - what's the most complicated synth you ever used?
01:04:57 Nick Howes asks via - [youtube] - QQ Have the panel ever got a VST and then decided that they needed the hardware version
01:12:30 Rapscallion asks via - [irc] - QQ for Jamie . He once mentioned a patch editor for the Rossum Assimil8or what was it called ?

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