Buchla & Tiptop Audio Update

US News on the availability of their latest 200 Series modules      31/08/22

Buchla & Tiptop Audio Update

Just in from Buchla & Tiptop Audio...

The Model 245t Sequential Voltage Source modules are packed and are now starting to ship to our dealers. The module is $245, pre orders will be open shortly worldwide, so please follow up with your favorite dealer.

Although we couldn't fill the entire backlog, we managed to source parts to make a decent size run of these and we hope most of you will be able to get her/his order fulfilled. A follow up batch is in planning stage already too. We highly recommend checking the 245t user manual, to get to know this lovely module well.

Alongside the 245t, dealers are getting fresh stock of Model 281t Quad Function Generator. Production quantity is close to overall backorders so hopefully most of you will get your order fulfilled.

To be able to release a module in a world where almost every electronic part has a shortage is a true feeling of accomplishment. Next in line is model 257t Dual Voltage Processor which will be released toward the end of September, so stay tuned for an announcement on this one.

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