Baby Audio IHNY2 Punchy Parallel Compression

US Give your compression punch and slap      30/08/22

Baby Audio have just released IHNY2 (I Heart New York 2) named after the New York production technique of parallel compression which blends a heavily compressed signal with the dry signal to add extra punch and smack.

IHNY2 features an X/Y pad to create the amount of squish and blend to taste . Under the hood this is essentially a macro controlling a number of parameters under the hood.

But if you want to tweak, there's also the Tweak Panel

Attack + Release:
Sets how fast the compressor engages and disengages.
Sets the compression intensity from mild to aggressive.
Heavy compression tends to suck the transients out of a signal. The Punch control works to
emphasize attack transients in the compressed track, helping it cut through even at very high
compression levels.
Imagine a saturator that behaves like a compressor – that's Harmonics. This feature introduces
harmonic saturation controlled by the gain-reduction, meaning more compressed parts get
saturated harder.
Adds our custom 'smiley EQ curve' to bring out the lows and highs and make the compressed
signal more present. (The smiley EQ curve is what sets "New York Compression" apart from
regular parallel compression. IHNY-2 can do both).
Makes the compressor work harder on either the low or high end of your signal – which can be
useful for controlling bass heavy material and letting the high end breathe (or vice versa).
Lo + Hi Preserve:
Prevents the low and high frequencies from being compressed above/below the cutoff points.
This is a great way to preserve the kick while squashing the rest of your drum bus.
IHNY2 is available now priced at an intro price of $39 (from $69) 


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