Windowlicker: The Aphex Twin Story

US New British Canon covering RDJ      27/08/22

Trash Theory have created an in depth look at the history, fabrications, and music of Aphex Twin aka Richard D James. This documentary shows his early beginnings, as well as some insight into his releases and influences - including Brian Eno, John Cage, Terry Riley, Steve Reich and others. Featuring an extensive collection of quotes and interview excerpts, its a good insight into his mindset and ideas. Here's some more info:

For most of the 90s, Aphex Twin ran counter to what was happening in mainstream dance music. He was messing with low-key ambience during the forceful Eurodance of "Rhythm is a Dancer." Moved to harsh industrial noise as Europe was smitten by the dreamy trance of Robert Miles' "Children." And when Prodigy and Chemical Brothers ruled the roost, Aphex Twin was attempting to rupture drum and bass with rapid stuttered software-programmed beats.

The Aphex Twin story is similarly antagonistic, filled with fabrication, half-truths and provocation pried from the man himself. Did he own a tank, live in a bank and do a DJ set using solely sandpaper and a food mixer? Quite possibly, but picking through everything he's said for the presence of truth is a foolish exercise. The legend is more fun than the bedroom-based music geek reality. This is New British Canon and this is the story of "Windowlicker."


While many of the stated facts could be disputed of course, but thats part of the folklore and mystique which surround him. All in all it's a deep overview and introduction to AFX for those that want to know it all.  

More from Trash Theory:


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