Sound Magic Intros Supreme Drums Orange

US Hybrid modelled 9-piece drum kit      19/08/22

Sound Magic has introduced Supreme Drums Orange, a hybrid modelled 9-piece drum kit. Here's their press release with the details...

Supreme Drums is made using a completely different approach known as Hybrid Modeling, which is a combination of modeling and sampling. This will not only cost less resources, but also give more freedom on usages and sounds. Supreme Drums Orange has 27GB uncompressed original sample data, but after the modeling, it reduces to an amazingly small size – 800MB, which is only 3% of the sample size, while keeping the same sound quality. Also, the RAM usages are much smaller than sample libraries. This leaves more resources for other plugins when you need a drum in a huge project.

Modern drum sample libraries usually have full-feature mixers with EQ, compression, limiter reverb, transient design and more effect types. This gives users great freedom, but also requires vast professional sound-mixing knowledge. However, not everyone can gain enough mixing experience in just a few years, so we decided to develop something easier to use.

Here comes our fusion effects; with groundbreaking AI technology, we are able to combine EQ, dynamic processing and transient designer into only three easy-to-understand controls. This effect can make an effective change in sound on the fly without the need for vast professional knowledge to carry out the operation.

Translator is a unique feature in Supreme Drums. As we know, many drum sample library often has its own groove resources. Some of them are very huge in quantity and vast in details. Translator will enable you to use the groove design for other drums in Supreme Drums, and the AI inside this tool will translate the MIDI into a format that Supreme Drum can play the same as on other drums library. Translator is compatible with the major groove MIDI packs on the market, including Superior Drummer, EZdrummer, Additive Drums and UJAM Virtual Drummer. In this way, you can get an unlimited groove source for Supreme Drums by using other groove library.

Pricing and Availability:
$99 until November 19th, 2022 (MSRP: $129)

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