Two New Noise Engineering Eurorack Modules

US Polydactyl Versio dynamics processing and Tymp Legio digital percussion modules      15/08/22

Noise Engineering has announced that it is taking pre-orders for two new modules which they say will ship Thursday, August 25, 2022. These are the Polydactyl Versio dynamics processing and the Tymp Legio digital percussion Eurorack modules. This is what the company has to say about them...

Tymp Legio was inspired by our love of all things crashy, bangy, thumpy, kicky, smashy, or generally percussive. We like to have fun here at NE, and we really wanted this module to reflect the sense of playfulness and our commitment to making great-sounding stuff without taking ourselves too seriously. Tymp Legio's modes (Boot, Cat, Boing) are an onomatopoetic guide to the sounds each encompasses. The Tang switch selects the palate within each mode and the Quack inputs duck your audio to your percussion (or pass through in Boing mode). Tymp Legio is fantastic for live performance, sound design, or anytime you just want to make some fun and different percussive noises.

Polydactyl Versio is a multiband dynamics processor. Use it for single-instrument timbral processing as well as end-of-chain glossy cohesion: Polydactyl takes inspiration from Librae Legio's unique and transparent algorithm and applies it across three adjustable bands for maximal dynamic impact. Add in the multiband saturation knob and noise gate, throw in a limiter, and you have a processor that gives ultimate control of color and dynamics. Grab a Polydactyl Versio and process your signal into submission or total rebellion.

Pricing and Availability:
Tymp Legio: $279
Polydactyl Versio: $355

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