Multi-Sampled Sustain Loops Made Easy

US Homegrown Sounds releases Batch xFader for Mac and Windows      15/08/22

Homegrown Sounds tells us that Batch xFader takes care of all of the tedious tasks involved in making multi-sampled sustain loops. Here's what they have to say about it...

Batch xFader is designed to accomplish the tedious work involved making sampler instruments out of samples. This process generally involves:

  •     Creating a sustain loop
  •     Cross fading the loop so it loops seamlessly
  •     Trimming any space at the start
  •     or trimming all/most space at the start
  •     Creating a short fade in at the start to avoid any non zero-crossing clicks
  •     Deleting all data after the loop section which is not usually used
  •     Converting Stereo to Mono
  •     Converting to multiple formats


Batch xFader can accomplish all of these tasks as a batch process on the selected folder of WAVs very quickly. It supports x64 Windows and is a Mac Universal Binary & so natively supports both Silicon and Intel Macs.

Pricing and Availability:
On offer at $19.99 (Regular price: $34.99)

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