Zynaptiq Releases Mac Audio Apps Bundle 2.0

US Bundle includes the new TRIUMPH 3 multi-channel editor      12/08/22

Zynaptiq Releases Mac Audio Apps Bundle 2.0

Zynaptiq has announced the immediate availability of the Mac Audio Apps Bundle 2.0. Available for purchase to new users for the first time, the Zynaptiq-branded version 2 of this bundle supports native operation on Apple Silicon processors, and features the brand-new TRIUMPH 3 – Zynaptiq's creative sound design and productivity focused multi-channel editor for macOS.

The company tells us that TRIUMPH 3 is a major upgrade to their powerful sound design & productivity focused multi- channel editor for macOS. Version 3 adds more than 100 new features and enhancements and runs natively on Apple Silicon processors. TRIUMPH 3 feature highlights include advanced Zynaptiq DSP algorithms like morphing and vocoding (based on Zynaptiq's popular MORPH 2 and ORANGE VOCODER plug- ins), ZTX® Pro time/pitch/formant processing, the brand new and precision engineered Cyclic Stretch granular processor, support for plug-in chains with automation, and massively enhanced usability and workflow features.

The Mac Audio Apps Bundle 2.0 also includes the MYRIAD 4 batch processor, SPECTRE audio analyzer, LOOP EDITOR 2, plus Zynaptiq's  WORMHOLE multi-FX mangler plug-in – as heard on shows like Altered Carbon, Westworld or The Witcher.

An upgrade path to the 2.0 Bundle is available for users who own a license for at least one of the following: TRIUMPH, MYRIAD, SPECTRE, LOOP EDITOR, AURA, Wave Editor, or Sample Manager.

Zynaptiq CEO Denis Goekdag, told us, "If you work with sound on the Mac, the Mac Audio Apps Bundle 2 is a real must-have. We've started the 'zynaptification' of this toolbox with TRIUMPH for this release, and are looking forward to putting the other apps through our trademark paces one by one, in regular intervals – stay tuned, exciting times are ahead!"

Pricing and Availability:
The Mac Audio Apps Bundle 2.0 is now available world-wide from the Zynaptiq website as well as from authorized resellers, with an MSRP of USD 399 / EUR 469*.

A special introductory discount is available through September 30th, 2022, at USD 249 / EUR 289*

Registered users with a pre-existing license for any one of the following applications: TRIUMPH, MYRIAD, SPECTRE, LOOP EDITOR, Aura, Wave Editor, or Sample Manager, may upgrade at a reduced price of USD 99 / EUR 119* from the Zynaptiq website.

    * EUR pricing quoted inclusive of 19% German VAT. Sales tax may apply for USD pricing.

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