New Yamaha Concept Instrument Previewed

US Might Not Be What You Think      02/08/22

When Yamaha release a video:

 Untitled Instrument - Two Yamahas, One Passion project

Proposal for conceptual art toy that works as both way of musical instrument and vehicle, by Yamaha and Yamaha Motor.

 you certainly prick up your ears. What could it be? A CS80 reissue (as Wagoo - a Sonic State Regular desires), a new monster FM analog hybrid synthesizer?

Wagoo comment

No, none of that. Its a sort of flying glass trumpet/melodica thing.

But hey, if you are Yamaha, lets not forget, one of the largest Corporations in the world who happen to make musical instruments of all kinds, and motors, kitchens, sporting goods, networking technology and more, its entirely possible that a couple of your engineers/designers would come up with this as a concept.

We wait with bated breath for the pricing and availability.



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