Meet The Devs - GPU Audio

US They want to unleash the power      02/08/22

GPU Audio are on a mission to make the awesome power of the GPU found in many affordable machines available to the DAW. Its a simple concept, but one that many have tried, but far has been difficult to implement. GPU Audio now have NVIDIA and some AMD GPUs supported with their program. 

Their free beta-suite is due for imminent release - sign up to be the first to download the modulation bundle here:

They have plans to support Apple's M1 and M2 silicon later this year. And that's just the beginning. I don't think anyone is a fan of the phrase Game Changer, but in this case it does seem appropriate.

Editor Nick Batt talks to CEO Sasha Talashov and Co-founder Jonathan Rowden plus a silent Basil Sumatohkin. 

Join their Discord to report bugs, send feedback and participate in their weekly AMAs:


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