DIY Semi-Modular Analog Desktop Synthesizer

GB ST Modular reveals EUPHORIA      18/07/22

ST Modular has posted this video of their forthcoming EUPHORIA analog synthesizer which they say will only be available as a DIY project and consists of fourteen individual circuit boards that are mounted on one controller board. A spokesperson told us, "It's a semi-modular analog desktop-synthesizer featuring a dual complex oscillator characterized by simple and clear operation and uncompromised sound. It is designed as an instrument that can be built, explored and learned."

Here's more details from the company...

Two Voltage Controlled Oscillators with classic waveforms, waveshapers, sub- octaves and a noise source. Convenient sliding potentiometers for volume control of the waveforms. Based on the famous CEM3340 chip and a newly developed wave-shaping tone generator.

Play notes with a 5-STEP trigger and CV sequencer and an additional 4-STEP CV sequencer. Transpose and change the length of a sequence, control the tempo via CV, add swing or sequence manually with the push of a button.

Seamlessly blend the oscillators manually or by CV. Insert external audio and pass it through the Filter or internal Reverb. VARI BOARDS are interchangeable boards, each offering a different functionality. Choose the VARI BOARD that meets your requirements.

Each oscillator is processed by a filter- based low-pass gate (LPG) and both are optionally routed through an internal AC- coupled VCA. Use the internal ADSR envelope to shape and express your sounds.

Get your sounds moving with the internal CV-controllable LFO and the Buchla 281e-inspired function generator. Multiply, invert and amplify your signals with a buffered multiple and an additional DC-coupled VCA.

Add depth to your analog sounds with the internal reverb unit. Connect either an Analog Spring Tank or a Digital Reverb Brick. Apply Reverb Feedback and control the Dry/Wet Portion via CV.

Pricing and Availability:

Coming soon.

More information:





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