Puremagnetik Lore Update

US Version 1.0.2 of the exprimental sound console adds a modular effects chain      15/07/22

Puremagnetik has updated Lore. The company's Micah Frank has sent us this summary...

What started out as an emulation of Native Instruments long-defunct Spektral Delay has evolved now into a very advanced, complete sound design environment -- and it's still free on my GitHub.

Since its launch, I have added several user requested features (from Lore's Patreon and GitHub). These updates include.
• Random spline generation
• Open GL graphics
• File drag and drop
• Live input processing
• Variable FFT bin size
• Several other improvements and optimizations

However, the latest update is the most significant. Lore Version 1.0.2 brings a modular effects chain to Lore, further augmenting the system's powerful sound design capabilities. The modular effects suite can load external Csound orchestra files. This means that any Csound effects can be refactored to plug right into Lore. The first round of effects includes a cassette (lo-fi analog) emulator, a buffer scrambler, a particle delay, a filter reverb and IR Reverb.

Pricing and Availability:

Lore is free to compile yourself on GitHub

A commercial distribution is available on Puremagnetik's Patreon for $9/mo

More information:



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