Lo-Fi Waveforms For The Super 6

US UDO announces Super 6 Waveforms pack 3      06/07/22

Lo-Fi Waveforms For The Super 6

UDO has announced the release of their third waveforms pack. Here's what they have to say about it...

This free pack contains 16 expertly crafted waveforms, designed by the brilliant Anthony Gillan. These waveforms were generated with the intention on creating dissonant, distorted, gnarly sounds by using low-resolution, aliased waves - opening the sonic palette of the Super 6 to new capabilities.

We at UDO think these Waves in coalition with Waveforms Pack 2 give you the perfect balance of gritty and smooth sonic textures for your Super 6.

In order to celebrate this release, as well as the impending release of the new Decksaver for our Super 6 Desktop model, we're raising a competition to win a free Super 6 Desktop or Keyboard Decksaver. We want to hear your best sound using the new waves!
To submit into the competition, just post your 20s video/audio clip on Instagram with the hashtag #UDOWaveComp and @udo_audio tagged within the post description. The deadline for your submission is Sunday the 17th of July at mid-night... good luck!

Go forth and make sound.


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