BOSS Announces BOSS Tone Exchange

US Online user patch exchange site for select BOSS products      04/07/22

BOSS Announces BOSS Tone Exchange

BOSS has announced BOSS Tone Exchange, a new user patch exchange site. This is what they have to say about it...

This worldwide platform allows owners of compatible BOSS products to share and download Livesets created with a BOSS Tone Studio editor. BOSS Tone Exchange is a free service available to anyone with a Roland Account. After creating a free account and logging in, users can browse Livesets, save favorites, and upload their own Livesets for other BOSS Tone Exchange users.

BOSS Tone Exchange supports the following BOSS products that have a companion BOSS Tone Studio editor:

  • Katana Amplifiers--Katana MkII, Katana (original series), Katana Bass, Katana Air
  • Multi-Effects--GT-1000, GT-1000CORE, GX-100, Pocket GT, GT-1, GT-1B, GT-100, GT-001, ME-80, ME-25
  • Guitar Synthesizers--GP-10, SY-300, SY-1000
  • Waza-Air--Waza-Air, Waza-Air Bass

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