New Ex Machina Soundworks Compact Monitor

Ganymede employs the same cutting edge DSP and converters as Pulsar and Quasar      29/06/22

New Ex Machina Soundworks Compact Monitor

The team at Ex Machina Soundworks has revealed their newly-minted compact loudspeaker: Ganymede. A spokesperson told us "It's named after our solar system's largest moon, big things can come in smaller packages." Here's more details direct from the company...

Ganymede employs the same cutting edge DSP and converters as its larger siblings, Pulsar and Quasar. The coaxial midrange & tweeter are crafted using the same Metamodal TX™ space age material, but in a more compact footprint with a 7" LF driver, 5.5" Midrange and 1" Tweeter.

DSP & Converters : Our 2nd generation DSP boards feature improvements in every aspect. Flagship discrete AKM AK5572EN and AK4493EQ AD/DA chips and commensurately optimized clocking and analog circuitry improves the S/N ratio to 123dba. Dedicated low power AMTEL processors and new power regulation code ensure safe shutdown behavior under a wide range of fault conditions. 5th generation SHARC+ AD21565 DSP's provide us four times the available computing power.
Calibration Code and Test & Measurement Facilities : We've taken full advantage of our newly available computing headroom and brand new multimillion dollar facility (featuring Brooklyn's only hemi-anechoic chamber) to further improve our proprietary calibration algorithms. As with Pulsar and Quasar, Ganymede can now maintain phase linearity within +/- 15° all the way down to 30hz, and within +/- 5° from 80hz to 30khz.  New advancements in our code have also allowed us control for hysteresis (the natural overshoot from a pistonic driver's momentum); as a result, all models will now cleanly reproduce a square wave even at the crossover frequencies, and can even reproduce single cycle tone bursts (as generated using an Audio Precision 555b Analyzer).
As global supply chain issues and component shortages continue to mount, and delays continue to grow, we've spent the better part of this year front running our parts stock, and are continuously optimizing our manufacturing process so that we readily have units available with minimal gaps.  We expect to begin shipping Ganymede by Q4 of this year.  
Ganymede: Mini, Mighty
Big things come in smaller packages.  Building off our popular Pulsar model, Ganymede is our most compact 3-way monitor yet.  Ganymede is ideal for near field, surround, and ATMOS applications in professional studios, yet provides full range response and enough output headroom to serve as primary monitors in smaller rooms as well.  As with all our models, Ganymede features custom drivers designed in collaboration with SEAS, and uses the same, state of the art Composite Sound Metamodal TX™ material and technology in the brand new 5.5" midrange and 1" tweeter diaphragms.  Ganymede also features the same acoustically inert, sealed Valchromat® cabinets, Hypex Ncore® amps and AKM AK5572EN & AK4493EQ conversion, and 5th generation SHARC® DSPs as its larger siblings.  Like all our monitors, it offers an ultra-wide sweet spot, linear phase and frequency response, vanishingly low distortion, and superb transient response, for effortless clarity and highly detailed insight into your mixes.

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