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Vienna Symphonic Library releases Synchron Molzer Organ      28/06/22

Vienna Symphonic Library  has released a new instrument library - the Synchron Molzer Organ. This is what they have to say about it...

This beautiful salon organ was recorded on the large Stage A of Synchron Stage Vienna. It is the first time that a historic salon organ was sampled on a scoring stage, enabling it to blend seamlessly with small or large orchestras playing in the same room. Though much smaller than a typical pipe organ, the venerable salon organ is no less blessed with a range of dynamics and colors, capable of both majestic fanfares and quiet reflections. The exceptional acoustics of Synchron Stage's large hall lend a special transparency to the organ, making it suitable for a variety of styles, from intimate chamber music to large orchestral works and to church music. Using the Synchron Organ Player's plentiful mixer presets, it can also be used as a solo instrument in all kinds of acoustic environments.

The multiplex organ with 25 stops was built by Ferdinand Molzer in 1938 who at the time was professor of organ building at the University of Music in Vienna. It features two manuals and a pedal board, and three rows of flue pipes: principal, flutes, and strings. Its 267 pipes made of wood, zinc and organ metal alloy range from 10 mm (0.39in) to 2.5 meters (8.2ft) in length.

The Molzer Organ also offers a regular feature of a romantic organ: a crescendo-roller (or roll-sweller) that enables the player to create seamless crescendos from pianissimo to tutti and back by adding or removing registers. Additionally, the organ features four fixed combinations (piano, mezzoforte, forte, tutti) that were masterfully restored and fine-tuned by Austrian organ builder Franz Eisenhut.

For many years the Molzer Organ belonged to pianist and organist Prof. Leopold Marksteiner and was housed in his apartment at Palais Cavriani in Vienna's first district. Notably, he was the organ teacher of Austrian novelist and playwright, Nobel Prize winner Elfriede Jelinek. The Molzer Organ is now part of the Collection of Historic Musical Instruments at Kunsthistorisches Museum in Vienna.


  • Multiple microphone positions
  • Multi-timbral Vienna Organ Player
  • Easy manageable manuals and pedal
  • Perfect overview with three main tabs
  • Tremulant and wwell options
  • Masterfully crafted mixer presets

Pricing and Availability:

Introductory offer through July 18, 2022
Standard Library:  €75 (Regular price: €95)
Full Library:  €145 (Regular price: €175)

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