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Company posts a new series of YouTube videos      28/06/22

Genelec offers a vast range of accessories, wall mounts, truss mounts, ceiling mounts, floor stands and carry cases, and has been praised for its well-designed mounting hardware for system integration, commercial and recording studio applications (including Dolby Atmos®). The company has been in touch to tell us that these solutions have been spotlighted in a new series of video clips accessible on Genelec USA's social media pages and on their "accessories playlist" on YouTube. Typically posted on Monday or Friday, the clips are often identified as "Mount Monday" or "Floor Stand Friday" features.  

One recent clip (above) highlights Genelec's 8000-400 floor stand with a Genelec 8351B (the stand height is adjustable between 1100-1700mm).  Another recent clip features the 8000-325B table stand, designed for use with the Genelec 8341 or 8351 to position the monitors horizontally or vertically on a table with better aiming to the listening position. Genelec says that the stand improves the acoustical performance by raising the monitors above the table level, causing less reflections from the table surface, and has a 0-20-degree upward tilt angle adjustment upwards. 

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