LEWITT Announces Modular Mic System

US MTP W950 features a 1-inch true condenser capsule with extreme rear rejection      27/06/22

LEWITT has announced the MTP W950, which they describe as an innovative modular microphone system featuring a 1-inch true condenser capsule with extreme rear rejection. Here's their press release with the full details...

The new MTP W950 modular microphone system makes it incredibly easy to get live vocals to cut through the mix. It combines studio technology with extreme rear rejection leading to superior vocal clarity for the artist on stage and more creative freedom for the live sound engineer.
To ensure its superior vocal and speech quality, the MTP W950 uses a 1-inch true condenser capsule--technology we usually find in the studio. With an extreme rear rejection of over 90% throughout its entire frequency range, the capsule can unfold its full sound potential while being safe from feedback and reducing bleed to an absolute minimum, even on loud stages.
The MTP W950 is a modular microphone system. So how is it modular? The microphone capsule can be detached from the XLR-equipped handle and is compatible with industry-standard wireless systems of different brands, making it super flexible on the road and adaptable to different sound systems.
You can find two switchable polar patterns underneath the head basket – cardioid & supercardioid, a 120 Hz low-cut filter and a 12 dB attenuation to deal with loud singers or adapt the capsule to the rest of the signal chain.

Its dual-layer design makes the MTP W950 immune to wind and pop noise and protects the capsule from condensation with a protective drip guard layer. And there's also the incredibly handy cupping-safe design, known from other LEWITT MTP live vocal microphones, which avoids tonal coloration when gripping the head basket.
LEWITT product manager and project leader Roman Jagl is a touring sound engineer with over 20 years of experience. His expertise and field testing were essential to directly address weak points of available live microphones and solve them with innovative designs that ensure outstanding live vocal mixes without the typical tradeoffs.
"It is interesting to develop a new and innovative product for a field that you're so familiar with. I have witnessed all the big steps forward in live sound, and I am confident that this microphone is one of them. While testing it over the last months on tour, every colleague I met immediately asked – when can I get one, haha." Roman recalls, "but we at LEWITT would also be interested in getting your input and feedback before the planned release. That's why we invite professional live sound engineers to participate in our beta testing program."
You can apply for beta testing on LEWITT now, and you will find further information about the microphone on the company's website.

The MTP W950 modular microphone system is perfect for vocals and speech applications and will be available in Q4 2022.

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