Soniccouture Releases Sun Drums

US Vintage Drums for Kontakt Player & NKS      20/06/22

Soniccouture Releases Sun Drums

Soniccouture has released Sun Drums as a sister instrument to their Moonkits. They say that this time the focus is purely on sticks, not brushes - with the same studio, the same vintage desk & mics, the same softer, dynamic drumming style.

A spokesperson told us, "Featuring a huge collection of vintage & modern drums, Sun Drums is built with a modern, dry sound in mind - from classic breakbeats to booming hip-hop or just fat pop drums."

• 100+ Velocity Layers • Beat Tools
• 100 Kits
• 8GB Library
• Kontakt Player NKS

Pricing and Availability:
€120 (€179) until July 10th 2022 (Regular price: $120 $179)
Until July 10th 2022

Crossgrade for Moonkits Users €99 | $99

More information:


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