NAMM 22: Gamechanger Audio Bigsby Pedal

GB Digital pitch, modulation and other FX      05/06/22

It seems like only last week when we spoke to Ilja - oh wait it was (almost). Fast forward to NAMM and and we're looking their new Bigsy Pedal, a digital pitch bending pedal made in collaboration with the legendary Bigsby company.

Available now priced at £318 from dealers worldwide.


  • Polyphonic pitch shifting and a reproduction of the BIGSBY tremolo arm string bending and vibrato effects.
  • A spring loaded rocking foot pedal for upwards and downwards pitch bending movements.
  • High quality buffered bypass and seamless transitions into and out of bypass.
  • Multi function LED lit knobs. LED colour and intensity are indicators of the selected parameters and values.
  • AUTO mode, with an LFO controlling the pitch bend rate and the foot pedal controlling pitch bend depth.
  • Up to 12 semitone pitch shifts in both directions. The pitch bend range can be set separately for both directions.
  • Foot pedal and pitch shift direction invert switch. BLEND control for mixing in the DRY signal to achieve harmonizer or chorus sounds.
  • DETUNE control for emulating the tuning instability of hardware tremolo systems.
  • Full MIDI PC and CC control over all parameters and extended functionality. A 3.5 mm TRS to 5 pin DIN MIDI adapter is included.
  • 10 user preset slots accessible via MIDI PC.
  • Expression output for controlling other gear with the spring loaded dual direction foot pedal, with adjustable expression depth and centre position offset controls.
  • Latching mode is accessible via an external footswitch. The BIGSBY Pedal is compatible with both momentary and toggle type footswitches with a TS 1/4 inch jack. A KNOB LOCK option to prevent accidental parameter adjustment during performances.

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