NAMM 22: Nektar Aura Pad Controller OS Update Adds Plenty

US Build your own kits, new samples too      04/06/22

In the blissfully quiet ticket office we spoke with Niels from Nektar Tech - he showed us the  Nektar Aura Pad Controller which has recently had a big OS update.
With a more immediate sound browsing channel strip access.
There's als a new Audio Tab in the broswer for extremely quick kit making on the pads, whether that s plug-in or a sample or an AU instrument.
Using the Nekarine plug-in, its possible to easily configure the pads to your custom layout. 
Also included are 500 kits to get you started which will load into the DP-1 drum player - included which is a fully featured sample playback engine,  though of course you can put in Kontakt, Battery or any other instruments as you wish.

Aura update is available now (just released) free to existing Aura users (or Panorama T series owners):
the Aura hardware is priced at £279

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