NAMM 22: 3rd Wave - 3 Osc, 24 Voice Wavetable Synth

US Officially announced today, price      03/06/22

Groove Synthesis - a new synth startup have today officially announced their 3rd Wave Wavetable Synth. Inspired by the classic PPG it features 3 oscillators which can be classic PPG style wavetables (32), modern high res (48) and regular VA analog waves with the ability to make your own wavetables using their proprietary Wavemaker Tool.

Filters are Rossum designed 24dB Lowpass with variable saturation and resonance compensation and a second SEM style state variable.

24 voices can be split or layered into four parts, each with their own sequence and dedicated stereo output.

We'll be checking it out first thing, so stand by for incoming...

3rd Wave is Scheduled for release August 22 at an introductory price of $3795

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