Dave Smith, Industry Legend Has Passed Away

US MIDI, polysynths, all round nice guy      02/06/22

Dave Smith, Industry Legend Has Passed Away

A very sad day waking up to the news that Dave Smith, one of the nicest guys in the synth business has passed away suddenly. 
He was on the road and heading for NAMM which starts tomorrow.
Dave Smith revolutionized the synth industry on more than one occasion - firstly with his pioneering of programmable polyphonic synthesizers in the Prophet Five, and also his vision with the design and adoption of the MIDI standard. Possibly one of the most enabling technologies we've had and one that still is in constant use today.

Dave was a lovely guy, I was just talking to him in Berlin a couple of weeks ago. His enthusiasm for the job still in evidence. We must have spoken every year since 1990 something and it was always a pleasure.

I also remember his penchant for quality Tequila, particularly Don Julio. I will treasure the collection of shot glasses which we have at Sonic Towers - one for each released instrument. See him pictured for the Korg Germany Pyjama Cookbook with his Margherita recipe (what else?)

Our condolences go out to his family and team at Sequential who must be devastated at the news, its a sad lost to us all and he was only 72.

We'll raise a glass for you.

If you want to leave any messages of condolence visit https://www.sequential.com/

Here's Gaz and Dave chatting music  at Superbooth 2019:



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