Novation Announces 88-Key Launchkey

US Novation's first 88-key MIDI keyboard controller      26/05/22

Novation has announced the company's first 88-key MIDI keyboard controller - Launchkey 88. They say that, designed for the player, Launchkey 88 elevates musical performance and song writing with unique inspirational features, 16 velocity-sensitive pads and an 88-key semi-weighted keybed designed to capture every detail of the player's expression. Here's more details in their own words...

The highly successful Launchkey range has garnered a dedicated community of creators of all abilities thanks to its unmatched deep integration with Ableton and sizes including the portable Launchkey Mini, 25-, 37-, 49- and 61-key models. As an 88-key MIDI keyboard has often been requested by the Novation community, Launchkey 88 fulfils this need and brings a premium 88-key keybed created with Novation's 30-year history of innovative MIDI keyboard design.
Launchkey 88's premium semi-weighted keybed sets it apart from the rest of the Launchkey range. Launchkey 88 features Novation's best feeling keymech to date, the result of meticulous refinement and testing.
Launchkey 88's versatile connectivity makes for dynamic live performances when controlling external synths and hardware, and in the studio Launchkey 88 shines as a powerful centrepiece that enhances artistic creativity. Inspirational features unlock new melodic potential. Bring out unexpected melodies with the powerful Arpeggiator, always stay in key with Scale mode, and three Chord modes make it easy to trigger complex chords with a single finger.

Deep integration with Ableton Live, Logic Pro, Cubase and more lets creators work uninterrupted, and essential mixer, transport and navigation controls aide in easy music making for all other major DAWs including Studio One, Pro Tools and Reaper, via HUI. With a comprehensive software bundle– including Ableton Live 11 Lite, virtual instruments, plug-ins and sample packs– musicians can start creating immediately and jumpstart their inspiration.

Novation's award-winning MIDI keyboard controllers empower artists to excel with their creativity and make music without barriers. Whether it's in the studio or on the stage, Launchkey 88 gives musicians all the tools they need to play expressively and say more with their music.

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