Free Chord Player & Analyzer Tool

US ToneGym's online Chord Player tool helps musicians to understand how chords are built      26/05/22

Free Chord Player & Analyzer Tool

ToneGym has introduced a new online Chord Player tool that is designed to help musicians to better understand chords, their sound, their DNAs, and how they are built. This is what they have to say about it...

The tool offers to choose from a wide variety of chords, including triads, tetrads, and more advanced extended chords. It then gives an in-depth detail on the selected chord, such as the chord's symbol, its DNA and building components, the chord inversions, and its notes that can be played separately.

What Are Chords in Music?
Chords are a set of three or more notes played at the same time. Chords are responsible for providing harmony, one of the three principal building blocks of music, along with rhythm and melody.
What are the uses of the 'Chord Player'?

  • Get better at identifying chords by ear
  • Comparing different chord components
  • Understand the relations between notes in chords
  • Learn the theory behind musical chords
  • Easily find any chord's inversions
  • Understand how chord symbols are constructed
  • Play chords in harmonic, ascending, or descending order
  • Improve your musical vocabulary

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