The Secrets Of Swing

GB What is it, where does it originate and how can we master it?      24/05/22

James Wiltshire of F9 Audio is back with some new videos, this time explaining the secrets of swing in a three part series. Starting off with a brief history of swing, he demonstrates how swing works - creating a rhythmic groove by offsetting note timings in Logic Pro. This first video takes us back to the Jazz scene of 1920, through the astonishing drummers of Motown records, and up to the drum machines of the 1980s. You'll find a depth to the explanation and a dedication to it's legacy which in unrivaled. Later in the series, he covers the use of swing in DAWs and then in our compositions. 

Here's part 2, The DAWs:

Here's part 3, Compositions:


More videos from F9 Audio:

They also offer a host of professional song templates, instruments and tutorials over at


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