Superbooth 22: Joranalogue - Delay 1

US New module from Joranalogue gives CV control over a high-end BBD delay      14/05/22

Joran from Joranalogue introduced us to the Delay 1 module, which has been kept a secret until this week!

The delay one has at its heart a high quality, low noise analogue BBD and an integrated temperature-compensated, high-frequency voltage controlled oscillator (VCO) provides the 'clock' signal necessary to drive the delay line within 1 to 50 ms. It excels at Karplus-Strong duties, of which Joran gave a plucky demonstration. It is also great for classic chorus, flanger and echo effects using the dry/wet blend, feedback and damping parameters.

Delay 1 available: November 2

Price: 350 euros. 350 USD

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