Superbooth 22: Xaoc Devices - Sofia, Koszalin, Gera, Poczdam, and Sopot

US Xaoc Devices present 5 new modules      14/05/22

Lukasz gave us a look at and demonstration of his new modules, and first we saw Sofia, an analogue oscillator with an interesting dual ripple control that can be damped and shaped to produce complex, formant-like sounds. We also got a taste of Koszalin, a stereo frequency shifter with 3 ranges: 50Hz, 500Hz and 5kHz, and Gera, a logic module that can quantize CV signals. Lastly, Lucasz introduced us to Poczdam, a router and switcher, and Sopot a triple summing mixer 

Sofia available: July 22. Price: 490 euros. Koszalin available soon. Price: 330 euros. Gera Prica and availability: TBA. Poczdam available soon. Price 210 euros. Sopot available soon. Price: 90 euros.


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