Superbooth 22: ADAM Audio - A Series Monitors

US ADAM release 5 new studio monitors for an array of professional and home studio duties      14/05/22

Superbooth 22: ADAM Audio - A Series Monitors

Jason from ADAM Audio introduced us to the new A Series of monitors, five models ranging from the compact A4V, through the A44H, A7V, A77H, all the way to the top of the range A8H.

Newly redesigned, multilayered woofers and rotatable waveguide technology combine with DSP-based room correction enable the precise tuning of the monitors to the room. There are planned regular firmware updates allowing the A Series to evolve and take advantage of innovations to come.

A4V and A7V available now. The rest of the range available September 22.

Prices range from A4V: 449 euros - A8H: 1,599 euros

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