Superbooth 22: Gamechanger Audio - Motorsynth MK2

US The motorsynth drives back to Superbooth with      13/05/22

When the Motorsynth was first unveiled at Superbooth 19, it certainly was a game changer, with its spinning motor oscillators.

Three years have passed, and Ilja from Gamechanger has listened to feedback from the initial run of 450 Motorsynths, and returns with the MK2, improving upon the original designs.

The Motorsynth MK2 offers two separate motor voices with 4 electromotor oscillators each - both voices can operate in mono, unison or in four-note polyphonic mode. Both motor voices are equipped with a separate set of controls for adjusting volume, scale, waveshape, individual amp envelope engines for each musical note, as well as separate analogue multimode filters.

The first units will arrive summer 22

Price: TBC - around 3,000 euros

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