Superbooth 22: Dreadbox - DIY Kits

US Dreadbox re-release two classics and one new synth in kit form      13/05/22

We met up with Yannis from Dreadbox to see his three new DIY kit synths.

The Erebus version 2 (the best version, according to Yannis) is re-released as a simple DIY kit with a real wooden case, though if you wish, it can be euroracked. It is identical to the original, except the envelopes are of an improved digital design. Also reissued is Hades, again with improved digital envelopes and also eurorackable. Finally we met Dysmetria, a new 2 oscillator analogue synth and sequencer in kit form, but this time with through-hole components, so it might be a little more challenging to put together for a beginner.

Dysmetria is available now. Price: 200 euros

Hades and Erebus available July. Price TBC: 200-250 euros

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