Superbooth 22: Ae Modular - New Modules

US Ae expand their tiny modular universe and add a new mixer.      13/05/22

In a quest to simplify and democratize the modular world, Ae Modular have been expanding their tiny modular system which now boasts 80 modules and multiple third-party designers.

Robert showed us the new VMIX-10, a Volca-sized mixer with 6 mono, 2 stereo channels and 2 fx sends. The VMIX-10 also provides power output for 4 Volcas. We also meet for the first time some super tiny modules which are in sockets and can be switched around on the fly without the need for tools.

VMIX-10 is available now. Price: 145 euros

Ae Modular Starter Rack 2 complete with 16 modules is available now. Price: 457 euros


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