Superbooth 22: Bastl Instruments Intros Pizza

US Eurorack FM & Wave-shaping Oscillator      12/05/22

Bastl Instruments has introduced their first dedicated Eurorack oscillator module - Pizza. This is what they have to say about it...

Pizza is a compact 8HP digital oscillator with powerful wave shaping applied to FM synthesis. Pizza offers a ton of flavor in a compact form, and it grants superb access with the assignable CTRL knob and CV, while its 3 different outputs allow for high patch flexibility. The unique take on FM synthesis combined with waveshaping offers a vast sonic palette while staying intuitive. Pizza is perfect for hybrid synthesis! Waveshaping on MAIN output gives you the world of additive techniques, while the PULSE and OSC OUT speak the subtractive language where mixing the outputs into a filter will sound massive!

Because of its digital nature, Pizza does not have to be tuned, and its approach to tuning is different. You only go to the Tune mode when you actually need to. Otherwise, the PITCH knob serves as either octave transpose or detune.

Bastl's own VCO was brainstormed ever since we started producing modules, but Pizza has been in active development for the past 3 and a half years. It was developed by a team centered around our junior developer Martin Klecl, coded by Florian Helling, and supervised by Vaclav Pelousek, with contributions from Lennart Schierling and the whole Bastl team.

Pricing and Availability:

The first batch of Pizza preorders (300 units) has started. Shipping in early June 2022. Price is 297 EUR including tax and 245 EUR excluding tax.

More information:

Bastl Instruments Social

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