Intimate Grand Piano

GB Spitfire Audio releases an up-close-and-personal grand in its Originnals series      04/05/22

Spitfire Audio has released Originals Intimate Grand Piano, described as an up-close-and-personal grand, so versatile that it will suit a range of styles, whether for solo composition, accompaniment, or as part of a larger ensemble. This is what they have to say about it...

This vintage Steinway Model A was recorded in the intimate acoustics of Castlesound Studios, Scotland, with a range of carefully curated bespoke microphones, including a binaural Neumann K100 Dummy Head, capturing the rich timbre, delicate nuance and wide dynamic range of the instrument in pristine detail, for breathtaking realism. The library's seven presets provide a wide variety of tones – from tight and bright (for a pop sound), to profoundly deep, dark and cinematic. It offers a fresh alternative to the felt piano, which has dominated film and TV scores over the last few years, giving you almost two pianos in one -- the Ribbon and Condenser signals capturing the close detail and mechanical artefacts of the instrument, and the binaural signal capturing its ambient, reverberant quality.


  • Three bespoke signals, curated by Christian Henson -- Condenser, Ribbon, Binaural (captured using a KU100 dummy head, providing a true-to-life image of the piano in the room)
  • Seven presets
  • Four controls
  • 3RR & 3 dynamic layers
  • NKS compatible
  • ~4GB

Pricing and Availability:
£29 / $29 / €29

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